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Picnic Tables

Some parks or camping sites have picnic tables and some don’t, so it makes sense to be prepared with portable folding picnic tables and seating. We have easy to use, portable tables that make it easy to be prepared for a picnic wherever you go!

Here you’ll find smaller portable folding camping tables, or larger portable folding picnic tables that seat anywhere from 2-6 people. We sell these versatile tables as folding portable picnic tables because they are designed for use indoors or outdoors and are so easy to carry and set up anywhere, but they’re as useful as a “children’s table” to use in your home at holiday time as they are to set up at the park for a summer picnic.

In addition to our picnic tables, we also offer a folding portable bartender’s and caterer’s table complete with an umbrella, decorative black skirt and custom carrying case/storage bag. Whether you’re a professional caterer or bartender, or are in charge of the food and drink for your family reunion, we’ll help you serve it in style!

Shop our variety of folding picnic tables today, and you’ll never miss out on a good picnic table again.

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